This is the second pterosaur thing I got myself for Christmas: a secondhand souvenir from Disney’s DinoLand USA. It’s fairly large and made of foam-filled rubber, with wires to make it bendable.

I actually had no idea this existed until I saw one in the playroom of my optometrist’s office about four years ago. I thought it was ugly at first, but the ugliness grew on me, and I started to seek one for myself.

Yes, again, it’s monstrous and highly inaccurate: I have no idea what sort of pterosaur it’s even supposed to be. I know that pterosaurs haven’t had that same boost in their public reputation that dinosaurs have had, and I love accurate depictions of pterosaurs, but I also love inaccurate ones, if they’re entertainingly grotesque ‘nuff.

I certainly have to cut down my pterosaur collection, but I’m also going to keep the things that are unique (and inexpensive) enough to be worth keeping.

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    it’s so dumb and ugly IT’S ADORABLE I WANT IT
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    I used to have one of these.
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    Holy crap, I used to have one of these!
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    The wings are actually pretty good. Propatagia, wingtips not too pointy, proper number of fingers in the proper places,...
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